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Relationship breakdown or upset is part of life. I can help you to understand the issues. Assistance from a third party can be essential at certain points  in time to help heal or move forward. 


Working together to understand your depression, exploring the emotions behind this. New skills can be learned to cope, and resources can be developed. 


In a world where we are all under the constant scrutiny with  social media, our self-esteem can sometimes feel quite low.  We can work creatively to learn new skills and boost your confidence levels and improve self-image.


Counselling can help in coming to terms with the unique stress around fertility issues and treatment. Attending counselling can support you at this difficult time. 


I can work with  you at this difficult time.  Together we can get you through all the complex emotions,  that appear, to put some balance back in your life. 


Stress and anxiety can build up. Sharing what is going on in your life can help to alleviate this. Coping skills can be introduced to reduce the symptoms. 

Women's Health

Women experience changes in their bodies throughout their lives from PMS, Pregnancy, Peri-menopause and Menopause. These can cause stress and counselling can assist at these various stages. 

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